True Victory:

Primary mission:


The team's primary mission was to provide food and resources for those affected by russian aggression from the very beginning. Medical supplies and assistance to medical institutions in the capital became the foundation's next task. The evacuation of people to safe places and the logistics of large humanitarian shipments work 24/7.
The team currently consists of 45 people:

Founders and managers - 3
Moderators handling requests for assistance - 11
Volunteers in warehouses - 14
Public relations specialists - 5
Outreach volunteers - 12

We have received over 40 letters of appreciation from military units, medical institutions, charities, and city councils that we helped during the few months of our work.
is a charitable foundation that raises funds to purchase humanitarian aid for internally displaced persons and ammunition for the AFU and territorial defense. The foundation also organized several warehouses for storing humanitarian assistance and set up logistics routes.
True Victory is one big family working for unity and peaceful skies over our native Ukraine!


Andriy Potiyko
Denys Nesterenko
Oleksandr Akhmetov
Oksana Petrosiuk
Chief Moderator
Elina Barska
Medical Department Moderator
Yuliia Banias
Logistics Department Chief Moderator
Nadiia Rudenko
Food Products Department Chief Moderator
Kristina Bazhenova
Document Management Department Coordinator
Oleksandra Zhytska
Digital Detartment Coordinator
Oksana Stavytska
Medical Department Chief Moderator
Yana Shulha
Food Products Department Moderator
Aliiev Rukhlan
Large Requests Handling Department Chief Moderator
Amaliya Kushnir
PR Department Coordinator
Yuliya Melnychenko
Procurement Department Chief Moderator
Hanna Shamina
Humanitarian Aid Department Chief Moderator
Olena Iliushyna
"Sinichka Hub" Warehouse Coordinator
Hanna Komarova
Large Cargo Warehouse Coordinator
Rybalko Nataliia
Fund Processes Systematization Department Chief Coordinator
Margaryta Ditrykh
Merchandise Department Chief Coordinator