Areas of activity:

Humanitarian assistance:

We provide IDPs and people in frontline areas with food, hygiene products, and medicines. Since the beginning of the war, the foundation has distributed more than 400 tons of food and 60 tons of hygiene products, baby supplies, and animal feed. We have passed from hand to hand 59,910 prepared meals. We have sent to the military and displaced persons on personal request:
- 4,000 units of medical supplies- 800 units of bandages
- 2,000 canisters of disinfectant- 125 tourniquets
- 45 Israeli bandages.
Our team has also provided more than 8,200 units of medications, equipment, and medical supplies to medical facilities. We also take care of animals. Our foundation has fed 1,600 dogs and 400 cats.

Humanitarian logistics:

Since the beginning of the war, our foundation has transported almost 500 tons of humanitarian goods. We have established cooperation with a large logistics company that manages more than 200 trucks. We have more than 60 drivers working with us, transporting daily throughout Ukraine.Our team has transshipment warehouses and logistic hubs in Europe, Western Ukraine, and Kyiv. We organized 2 warehouses in Kyiv. The first is for receiving, sorting, and transferring mixed humanitarian aid, medicines, and ready meals. The second is for receiving and transferring large-sized humanitarian cargoes.
Thus, our organization significantly helps volunteer logistics in Ukraine.

Protection and ammunition:

Since the beginning of the war, together with partners, we have contributed to the retrieval and transfer of:
- 450 body armor
- 15 thermal imaging cameras
- 35 scopes
- 345 pairs of boots
- 125 tourniquets
- 45 Israeli bandages
- Special telescopic sight for sniper
- Jeep Grand Cherokee for sniper
- Hyundai Santa Fe 1
And also headphones, mattresses, sleeping bags, overalls, unloaders, shovels, drills, and screwdrivers in various quantities.